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What is SMM?

Creating strong, provocativerelationships between good companies and their customers !.

Social Media Marketing is now an important part of the search engine optimization process and it usually refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media sites. Social media sites like twitter, facebook, reddit, instagram etc., are designed for people interactions and there is a huge network of users sharing content, videos, links to whatever interests them on these sites. If your website is mentioned in any of the links or if your content, image or video is shared on these social media websites it has the potential to attract a huge amount of traffic to your website and with proper optimization and content then these traffic can be sustained and drive up the search engine ranking of your website.

Social media marketing company Australia takes social media seriously. Seo services now take into account the impact of social media marketing on search engine results. Content especially visual content can act as a gateway to more valuable content. It can be optimized to drive traffic back to your website. A short descriptive content on your twitter account can drive traffic back to your YouTube Channel and which in turn can divert traffic back to your website which has more descriptive content keeping the user engaged. Optimizing the website for easy sharing across a wide platform of social media sites makes it easy for the user to share your content to a social media website of their choice.

A social media marketing plan should take into account the present status, goals for where you want your website to be in the future maybe in terms of increased traffic and revenue and the tools you want to use to achieve the targets. A social media marketing company Australia using the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timeč¶³bound) approach is more realistic and achievable. For e,g, one of the goals could be posting three photos on Instagram that will achieve some likes and comments and working towards that. Social media optimization plays a key role in web design and user interface design as developers need to take these factors into account like easy sharing of content across a wide range of social media sites.

Assessing the social media impact upon your website from time to time and taking action should be a part of the social media seo plan. A good social media marketing company Australia will have a regular social media audit which will pinpoint exactly where your campaign is going and what corrective action need to be taken to ramp up the traffic and revenue. This usually requires figuring out where your social media presence compares with your competitors' and which social media sites your target audience uses. These tactics will hold good even if your websites are geographically centred around say Sydney or Perth.

A good social media marketing will take into account which social media platforms are ideally suited for your particular type of business. For example clothes might find an appropriate audience in Instagram say compared to concrete reworks supplies and the reach will probably be wider. Every social network has a different audience and should be treated differently. Optimizing profiles for seo can help generate more traffic and the social media profiles should be filled out completely with the images and text optimized for that particular social media. For example a facebook cover photo requires different dimensions as say compared to a twitter's display profile picture.

Social media optimization or social media campaign is an ongoing process and it should be constantly tested and evaluated.Tracking links and using analytic tools like google analytics is a must to fine tune the social media seo services. New social networks might emerge and it is essential to keep track of them and adjust the seo services plan accordingly. Delivering consistent content which are of value to users and identifying the channel which brings out the most of your traffic or where your likely target audience gathers are an important part of your social media marketing. With proper planning and execution a good social media marketing plan will bring tangible benefits in a short course of time in terms of increased traffic and user engagements over the long run.