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What is SEO?

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Lets first get this clear since there are so many misconceptions floating around on the web. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which broadly means it is the process of getting traffic from free, organic and natural search results on search engines. All major search engines have their own primary search results, where web pages and other content are ranked and shown based on some parameters the search engine considers relevant to users. There is no payment involved in this type of listing unlike paid search ads which are totally different.

Seo services Australia use various techniques from the words on the page, to the way other sites link to you and it encompasses both technical and creative parts to make sure the website is deployed in such a way that search engines can easily understand and rank higher in the results page.

Why so much emphasis on search engines listing your website?
Search engines are unique in the way that they provide targeted focused traffic, in other words they send visitors who are looking for exactly what is on your website. The internet is so competitive that those who can do better seo preferably with the help of an expert seo consultant can net thousands of visitors and increased attention compared to websites that don't optimize for seo. If you are doing seo the correct way the website will have a decided advantage in terms of visitors and customers leading to increased revenue.

Why us?

Seo services offering an one plan suits all are either marketed by amateurs or they are adept in pulling the wool over the user's eyes . If your website is of particular interest to residents in Sydney then it makes better sense to optimize for that particular geo region and that's where a specialised experts like us play a part. Seo services Perth is different from Seo Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane. Local seo practices and specialised seo for small businesses require different optimization methods to say a website targeting a global audience.

We are one of the best seo company there is in Australia offering affordable seo services in an entirely transparent and customized campaign designed after consulting with you to bring about sustainable results. There is no magic wand in seo services and there can't be no guarantee nor an overnight first page result can be ensured. Those who promise to do so by claiming to manipulate google or other search engine search results are lying to put it bluntly, and may end up damaging your website reputation in the long run. Google and other search engines also end up 'punishing' such websites indulging in shady practices which we will talk about later on here.

What all we do in SEO?

I.Competitive analysis and Keyword research.
Identifying potentially relevant competitors not only websites that offer the same content or services and products but those websites that rank in the search engine results for your target keywords. By doing keyword research using specialised tools we can identify new opportunities for ranking. By analyzing various factors such as search volume, link popularity and comparing with our competitors we can target keywords with highest relevance and profitability.
                                  Search engines examine hundreds of factors that indicate a page's relevance to a search term. Having content targeting the right keywords is an important factor in seo. The words visitors type into search engines are the ones that drive traffic to your website and it is essential we focus on those keywords and only an experienced seo consultant can do accurate keyword research and find out those valuable keywords.

II.Title tags and Meta tag optimizations.
Title tags define the title of a document. Title tags are used by search engines to display snippets or preview of a given page and are important in terms of seo. Using the correct keywords in the title tag search engines will give importance to them in the search results when queried for that particular keyword. It ensures greater visibility and is a sure fire way to drive traffic. Title tags appears in both the top of a browser and in tabs and in search engine results.

III.Url optimization/Site navigation.
A good site structure leads to better indexing and crawling by the search engine and in turn provides sitelinks which are a listing format in results page that show your site's main page along with several internal links. These site links are easy for users to navigate and reduce the bounce rate of visitors leading to improved rankings.
                                  A well thought out and designed hierarchy and an url structure that follows that hierarchy will yield a strong site navigation links. Urls with real words as opposed to symbols and proper keyword coverage will have an added advantage. Canonical issues arises when a website can be accessed by search engines from several different URLs leading to penalty under "duplicate" content. It can be resolved by permanent redirects and proper coding of htacess file done by a professional seo expert as these will depend on the server environment where the website is hosted.
                                  HTML optimization involves title tags ,header tags and alt text. A keyword rich title tag and header tags will instruct the search engines to place a lot of relevance on them. Keyword rich descriptions in the ALT text will provide a text description to visitors with slow download connections or those who have their images turned off.

                                  Link building is the corner stone of seo services as search engines place a lot of importance on links both outgoing and incoming. The more popular a site is the more links it has, of course, irrelevant links doesn't do any good and it is better to focus on relevant link building targeted on keywords specific to your website. Using proper "anchor" text has a good probability of ranking well for that targeted phrase in the anchor text. One should be wary of spam links or "link farms" that sell and buy links. Social sharing is now a powerful method of generating links to your content. Link building is best handled by specialist seo experts as this will determine the reputation of your website.

                                  Web page load optimization is highly important as impatient visitors might switch over to the next website if your website is slow and heavily loaded with unoptimized images and poor design. To an extent web page loading depends on the server from where the website is hosted, though it can be optimized by browser caching, effective use of javascript and reducing the size of the website to be loaded and testing the website across all devices and browsers.

IV.Penalty issues
Google deployed the panda update in February 2011 meant to stop websites with duplicate or poor quality content from appearing in its search engine results. Google first launched the penguin update in april 2012 to penalise websites that game google results by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to artificially boost website rankings.

                                  Now the latest update named Hummingbird is designed to better focus on the meaning of the words ensuring that the whole query or the whole sentence, conversation or meaning is taken into account rather than particular words. Pages that match the meaning will do better than pages matching a few words.

                                  A good seo consultant one who knows his job will take all these factors into account when designing a campaign for the client and ensure that the client receives a value added seo service at all times because seo services is not a one time affair but it grows organically together with the website's growth and it is the duty of the seo expert to advise and implement the best ethical practices of seo.