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What is Responsive Web Designing?

Make pages that look great at any size!

Every web design melbourne agency knows and should know mobile traffic to websites have been steadily increasing during the past few years and both seo services and responsive web designing has to take this factor into account. What is responsive web designing and how does it play a part in web design? When designing for a website a responsive web design element creates a single URL for a single site to recognize whatever be the size of a user's device. This makes the website much more user friendly not to speak of the huge advantage in seo. In technical terms a single set of code is rendered for a page without depending upon the device accessing it.

What all we do in SEO?

Seo services Melbourne scrupulously follows the responsive web designing process as Google the dominant search engine has declared that mobile responsive websites has a good chance of appearing high up in the search results compared to a non responsive website .Seo Melbourne services has responsive web designing high up in the checklist for effective seo practices. Web marketing Melbourne gives a lot of attention to mobile friendly web design in the product life cycle development as it plays a crucial part in a website success.

Web design Melbourne processes web design into pros and cons of responsive web designing. while the pros are many such as increased reach, consistent user experience regardless of device use and beneficial for seo the cons such as increased design time and higher load on the servers also has to be taken into account.