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What is Domain Registration ?

Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name!

Domains are the gateway to your website and very often domain names are often remembered by the customer and forms an important part of web marketing melbourne.An easy to remember domain name adds value to the website and web designing often revolves around domain name selection. While registering a domain name which reflects your business or closely matches your company name is often preferable,sometimes they might be not available as common generic names are valuable and they are usually registered by domainers or companies protecting their brand names.

Domain registration forms a part of seo services and web designing since choosing a correct domain name is an important part of your business. Having a keyword related to your business or trade in the domain name adds great value to your website. Domain registration is not a hasty fill and forget type of service and choosing the right domain name and the correct extension will boost your chances of the website reaching out to your targeted audience.Usually hyphens and numbers are to be avoided during domain registration since it is difficult for the users to recall the name or type it out easily.

One other important aspect during domain registration is to avoid trademark issues. Sometimes your domain name might infringe upon a brands trademark and if the aggrieved party brings about a claim then you will end up losing the domain name and at the same time tarnish your business goodwill. So a good web design Melbourne service as part of the web designing process will check out the trademarks database to ensure the domain name does not infringe or violate the copyright or trademark saving you a lot of trouble in the long run. While dot coms are usually preferable the country extension where the business is located are also registered and it is an advantage to local seo marketing.